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Oscar Bony


Oscar Bony was born in Posada, Misiones, Argentina. He attended the School of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, and the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Buenos Aires. Early on in his career, Bony introduced anti-establishment conceptual works, starting with “La Familia Obrera” (The Working Family) in 1968 when he tested the limits of art by placing an actual family on view at the Instituto Di Tella of Buenos Aires. In the early 90s, he produced what would be his best-known work, a series of photographs behind glass with holes made with bullets from a 9 mm pistol. These series convey the impact of political violence and death at a personal level, in pieces like Kriminal, The Divine Light, and The Bad Light, all self-portraits of the artist. He was also commenting on its effect at a social level with other images of public displays of discontent such as Manifestation or views of poor neighborhoods and its inhabitants.

Oscar Bony
Título de la obra: La luz mala
Medium: Aluminum Sheets With Powder Coating
Año de toma: 1998
Medidas: 129.54 x 104.14 cm 51 x 41 in
Edición: 3/16
Precio: US$ 45,000.00
Wall reference
2.5 x 4m / 98.4 x 157 in

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