Vicente Antonorsi


Vicente Antonorsi (Caracas, 1952). He has a degree in Architecture (Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá), Studies in Graphic Design (Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Bogotá) and Textile Design (Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá). His work is represented in collections inside and outside of Venezuela. He has participated in group exhibitions in Bogotá and Venezuela, including the III Exxon Mobil Art Salon "Man and Society" held at the Museum of Fine Arts in Caracas (2005), 63 Arturo Michelena Hall, Ateneo de Valencia, Venezuela (2006) and in the GBG ARTS spaces in the exhibition «Vision Constructiva» (2009) and «Interlude: de madera» (2016). Individually his work has been exhibited in galleries and spaces such as the Sala TAC, Caracas (2007) and at the Galería La Cuadra with the exhibition «Recent Sculptures» in 2010, among others.


Vicente Antonorsi has developed a geometric rationalist work of pure forms where he elaborates a series of structures in industrial wood, revealing the essence of the material. Its grain, its color, its holes, industrial wood is usually the material in which he expresses himself best since it allows to see its texture and its composition, and the veins are the protagonists of the finish of the plays.

Also, and ventured with other materials such as iron, bakelite, granite, acrylic, and Formica is part of his greatest passion. Trying to understand the various materials that he manipulates and cuts, but he never breaks them. He respects them, he geometrizes them, and in a very rational process to transform them.

His work is the cross between his two vocations: sculpture and architecture.

Vicente Antonorsi
Título de la obra: Vano
Medium: Plywood and formica.
Año de la obra: 2018
Medidas: 51,5 x 60 x 12,5 cm - 202,7 x 23,6 x 49 in
Precio: US$ 2,500.00

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