Daniel Benaim


Daniel Benaim (Caracas, 1975), began his exhibition activity in 1998 and studied Graphic Design at the Institute of Design of Caracas and Art at IUESAPAR, taking the mention of Mixed Media in 2001.

He has participated in various workshops such as the Advanced Experimental Photography (1995) dictated by the photographer Nelson Garrido in Caracas, Venezuela. Between 1995 and 2001, he assisted the photographers Luis Brito and Roberto Mata in Caracas, Venezuela. He moved his workshop to Lima, Peru, for 11 years where he made 3 individual and multiple group exhibitions, and then moved to New York.

His work investigates the different urban landscapes, decomposing them and achieving a sense of timelessness by merging them with another series of images that study nature as elements of life itself, seeking an ambiguity of importance between them. He achieves a graphic synthesis in this dialogue of images using photography as medium.

He currently lives and works in Los Angeles.


“From the beginning of his artistic practice Daniel Benaim has tried a plastic language linked to critical reflection of the behavior of cities, based on the unstable paradoxes revealed by public space. His proposal claims the symbolic postcard and the emblematic souvenir that interpret the iconographic universe of each place that passes through.
The street -territory of sociopolitical and cultural interaction by excellence- is then the scene susceptible to discovering compatible or contradictory forms, signs and codes that recontextualize the disturbing urban impulse: a category of photography that suggests the dimension of the theme park and of so many other metaphors constructed through the photographic representation intervened by digital montage and image collage”.

Ruth Auerbach, Excerpt, 2017.

Daniel Benaim
Título de la obra: Planta Alta L.A. serires
Medium: Color print in plexiglass
Año de la obra: 2020
Medidas: 120 x 80 cm each - 47 x 31,5 in each
Precio: US$ 7,600.00
Wall reference
2.5 x 4m / 98.4 x 157 in

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