Alberto Cavalieri


Alberto Cavalieri (Caracas, 1969). Venezuelan visual artist recognized for his monumental sculptures and architectural interventions. He studies Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering and Art in Caracas, Venezuela, from 1986 to 1996, and since then he has dedicated himself to the development of the visual arts, focusing especially on sculpture. His work is represented in important public and private collections internationally.

In his works, Cavalieri highlights his interest in the behavior of materials and how their forms allow the questioning of what we observe: weight and rigidity as opposed to lightness, sinuosity and balance.

He currently lives and works between Caracas and Miami.


Ever since I began making art, I’ve been interested in the physical and mechanical aspects of objects, as well as the three-dimensional forms they take on in my work. I find sculpture is the best mean of resolving and turning the conceptual problems I deal with into tangible forms.
My work is mainly interested in challenging our physical laws and alter our sense of logic, bending and transforming materials to create the impression that the works are not man-made. I create sinuous and contorting steel forms that outline spaces in an organic way, that knot together easily and integrate with architecture and appear to be levitating. I like my works to dialogue with the spaces they inhabit and create out of place rhythms that contrast to the horizontal and vertical ways we order our Cartesian conception of space.

Alberto Cavalieri
Título de la obra: Hefesto Magno
Medium: Stainless steel
Año de la obra: 2016
Medidas: 396 x 421.6 x 203 cm - 156 x 166 x 80 in
Precio: US$ 150,000.00

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